Sally Sale Grooms

16 Years in the Real Estate Industry

Columbia, South Carolina

In March of 2002, I was encouraged to enter the Real Estate profession by my sister, Katie SALE Dunn. Katie had been a very successful Real Estate Agent for 28 years at that time and insisted that this profession was where I needed to be. This was the best decision I (she) ever made.

I grew up in Irmo, S. C. and after graduating from Irmo High School; I attended the University of South Carolina majoring in Early Childhood Education.  Along the way, I realized that I was very interested in a business management environment.  Over the years I worked with several successful companies, helping them expand and grow into the computer age.  I also opened my own Ladies' Clothing Store - Ethan's Girls.  I truly enjoyed every facet of this "business" world, and more importantly contributing to the work effort and being a part of a team of dedicated professionals.

I came into Real Estate with a fourteen-year background in Commercial Construction.  My grandfather was a builder, developer and investor in small residential communities and my three sisters, brother and I loved tramping over the building sites picking up scraps to build bird houses, stilts, sand boxes...anything we could make out of wood and nails.  The day that I walked away from that 14-year career job, I felt that God and my Mother held my hand.  Little did I know that day that I would soon be the happiest I had ever been, all the while helping people Buy, Sell and Build.  I witnessed "dreams" coming true.  I have never looked back.

In October 2008, my sister, Katie, her husband, John, and I opened ACQUIRE REAL ESTATE, INC.  I am grateful for my life and all the people that have helped ME realize my dream - which is helping others, from all walks of life - achieve their goals.  I can truly say that my Clients have become life long friends and have called on me again and again, and referred me to family, friends and business associates.  How blessed I am!  So, if you are thinking of Buying or Selling, or want to build that Dream Home, please call ACQUIRE REAL ESTATE, INC.  Helping others is what I think life is all about.  Making a living is important, but the rewards of helping others is much greater than earning a paycheck.  Call on Sally SALE Grooms, Secretary and Executive Manager of ACQUIRE REAL ESTATE, INC. for all of your REAL ESTATE NEEDS. The name "SALE" says it all! In God We Trust! Support Our Troops!